The Manual: A practical guide to life, health and happiness - Dr Kieran Kennedy and Scott Henderson

The Manual: A practical guide to life, health and happiness - Dr Kieran Kennedy and Scott Henderson

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What does it mean to be a man in the 2020s?

In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, the way young men see themselves, masculinity and men's health is evolving. We're now in an era where success isn't defined by your job title or the circumference of your bicep. Traditional definitions of masculinity no longer apply, as blokes all over the globe crave a more holistic approach to health, life and happiness.

So how do we navigate the new landscape?

In their ground-breaking book, psychiatrist Dr Kieran Kennedy and health journalist Scott Henderson provide a blueprint for modern manhood. They have written a guide for any young man hungry for knowledge on how to traverse life, mental health and relationships, and how 'all the feels' are intertwined with the traditional pillars of wellbeing, like exercise and nutrition. For the health obsessed and the health curious, The Manual celebrates the changing face of manhood with relatable and practical tools to empower men to think of health as more than purely skin deep.

Let's help you be your best man.


'What does it mean to be a man in today's world? Dr Kieran Kennedy and Scott Henderson present The Manual, packed full of all the information you'll need to navigate and celebrate the changing face of manhood. Read this book and become your best man.' - Luke Zocchi

'A wonderful breakdown of issues facing men today with plenty of practical takeaways for the reader. This is a book I wish many of my patients could read because I know they'll get the solid deep dive on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing that they desperately desire.' Dr Preeya Alexander

'Echoing the harmonious coexistence of masculinity with gentleness embodied by the warrior poets of the samurai era, coupled with the mindful principles of the Stoics, The Manual cuts through the noise of a social media world and provides a contemporary roadmap to become, and thrive as, a modern-day man.' Dr Dan Pronk

'Kieran and Scott have achieved something for men's health that is well overdue: a manual that defines masculinity and wellbeing as a system: mind, body, spirit and soul. Thank goodness. The integration of scientific insight, humour and a genuine interest in helping men with actionable insights jumps off the pages. These two have delivered a considered, thoughtful and comprehensive gift to all men. We should be immensely grateful for it.' Mark Wales


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