The Lodgers - Eithne Shortall

The Lodgers - Eithne Shortall

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An uplifting and heartwarming tale of friendship, community and a mystery package... From the author of Love in Row 27 and Grace After Henry

One house. Three strangers. A second chance at happiness.

Tessa's life as an activist and volunteer worker takes a hit after a fall. At the ripe young age of 69, she's no longer able to live alone and decides to take in two lodgers for free.

After the recent death of his brother, Conn is riddled with grief and determined to make amends. A free room seems too good to be true - until he meets the other lodger.

Chloe arrives at Tessa's house to deliver a package and leaves with a room. But she takes an instant dislike to Conn, who refuses to say where he disappears to at night.

With everyone so busy keeping their own secrets, the mysterious package is forgotten. It's addressed to Tessa's daughter who's been missing for 10 years - and only the contents have the answer to what happened...


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