The Locksmith - Linda Calvey

The Locksmith - Linda Calvey

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The addictive first novel from an author who herself was at the heart of crime in the East End.

Most authors write what they know. Linda Calvey writes what she lived.

They grew up with nothing. Just a regular family scraping by, living an honest life while crime ruled the East End. Until all that honesty and all that hard work left them with nothing. Poor, destitute and hungry, young Ruby decides to pull them from the ashes. It starts as one job, one step outside the law. Yet that one step sets her on a path - straight to the top. But in the East End you don't build an empire without making a few enemies . . .

Welcome to the underbelly of London, where criminals run the streets and one woman will do anything to protect her family.

Author bio:

Linda Calvey has served 18 years behind bars, making her Britain's longest-serving female prisoner. She moved to 14 different prisons during her time inside, sharing a prison with Rose West and Myra Hindley. Since her release, Linda has gone straight and leads a quiet life. She is a proud grandmother and finally has her family back together again. The Locksmith is her first novel.





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