The Jokiest Joking Bathroom Joke Book : 1001 Hilarious "Potty" Jokes - May Roche

The Jokiest Joking Bathroom Joke Book : 1001 Hilarious "Potty" Jokes - May Roche

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The newest installment in our Jokiest Joking Joke Book series, this time with gross-out jokes designed to appeal to all the kids who giggle when they hear the word “gas”(i.e., every kid). With all-new jokes, hand-drawn original illustrations, and the series’ signature fun design, this book will appeal to the same kids who read Captain Underpants.


May Roche is a writer and contributor to over 25 bestselling trivia, nonfiction, and humor books that include a wide variety of subjects including inventions, survival, crafting, recipes, science, music, and television. May enjoys swapping inappropriate jokes with her family in the Pacific Northwest.

Amanda Brack has a passion for drawing and illustration, and enjoys the creativity of working on a wide variety of projects in her freelance career. She currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Every kid's favorite subject: bathroom humor!

Inside are over a thousand knee-slapping bathroom jokes for kids, along with hundreds of silly illustrations!

How can you distinguish your dad’s poop from others?
It’s really corny.

Why did the turd never get anything done?
Because he was pooped.

What do you call a kid with a bad case of the runs?
Down in the dumps.

Paperback 225 Pages