The Hidden - Mary Chamberlain

The Hidden - Mary Chamberlain

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 Emma's Comment:

The long awaited next book after 2015's HUGE hit " Dressmaker of Dachau" doesn't disappoint ! A really hard hitting and in parts harrowing read that once again shows us how strong these people had to be and what they went through and endured.This story is told across war time  and 1985 between two different people and how their lives connected without them knowing. If you are a fan of this genre you will enjoy this book.


Her heart died in the war – can she breathe new life to it?


Dora Simon and Joe O’Cleary live in separate countries, accepting of their twilight years. But their monochrome worlds are abruptly upended by the arrival of Barbara Hummel, who is determined to identify the mysterious woman whose photograph she has found among her mother’s possessions.


Forced to confront a time they thought buried in the past, Dora and Joe’s lives unravel – and entwine. For, trapped on the Channel Islands under the German occupation in the Second World War, Dora, a Jewish refugee, had concealed her identity; while Joe, a Catholic priest, kept quite another secret...


This is a story of love and betrayal, shame and survival. But can a speck of light diffuse the darkest shadows of war?

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