The Guest Room - Tasha Sylva

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Every guest has their secret.  This time it's closer to home...  Grief-stricken after the mysterious death of her sister Rosie, Tess starts bnb-ing out her sister's old room, but her new lodger has a sinister obsession.

Careful what you look for.  Careful what you find.

After the mysterious death of her beloved sister, Tess is grief-stricken and lonely.  She's forced to BnB Rosie's old room to pay the bills.

With strangers in her home, Tess discovers a distraction: their possessions.

Tempted into the room while they're out, she goes through her guests' things, imagining the stories they hold.  These forbidden glimpses into their lives and the chance of being caught are a momentary thrill - the only thing she can feel through the numbing pain of her loss, and the so-far fruitless police investigation.

When handsome and inscrutable Arran takes the room, Tess finds his diary.  The entries are about an unnamed woman.  C rush or obsession?  Slowly, his writing takes a darker tone, and Tess can't stop reading.

In her compulsion to know, to uncover the truth, there's something Tess fails to notice.

She's being watched.

Everyone has their secrets. This one is closer to home.


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