The Germ Lab : The Gruesome Story of Deadly Diseases - Richard Platt

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An entertaining and comprehensive telling of diseases, infections, plagues and pandemics for young readers.

The Germ Lab features case histories of specific epidemics and pandemics, 'eyewitness' accounts from the rats, flies, ticks and creepy-crawlies who spread the most deadly viruses, plus plenty of fascinating facts and figures on the biggest and worst afflictions. Discover how bacteria and bad beasties are beaten through the work of genius scientists and the development of vaccinations.

Written by Richard Pratt and illustrated by John Kelly, the brilliantly humorous artworks and fun characters will entertain readers with a cabinet war room showing the war on germs, a rogues' gallery highlighting the worst offenders, the very deadliest diseases examined under the microscope, and much more.

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