The Dog and the Mog Love Christmas -  Kaye Arnott

The Dog and the Mog Love Christmas - Kaye Arnott

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This is a fun and relateable story about how Davey the Dog and Mavis the Mog react to the upcoming Christmas festivities with the family. It is the third book in the series about the mischievous, loveable pair, their owner Bruce and his family.

The story is written in rhyme and is easy to read. Families everywhere undertake Christmas preparations and if you have pets then you will know that this can get interesting! Christmas is coming and the Dog and the Mog cannot understand what all the fuss is about.

But then...... There's a tree in the lounge that was not there before, With stuff hanging down quite close to the floor. The Mog sneaks to the lounge and what has she found? Her people have made her a new playing ground! Oh oh, this is going to get messy!



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