The Conscious Cleanse - Julie Pelaez & Jo Schaalman

The Conscious Cleanse - Julie Pelaez & Jo Schaalman

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Cleanse your body in 14 days and live the vibrant life you were always meant to

How well do you really feel? If stopped on the street, most people would say "fine"--but is that the truth? Do you suffer from fatigue? Low energy? Insomnia? You might not realize how much how and what you eat impacts your everyday health and energy levels. It just might be time for you to discover the healing power of food and add some vitality back to your life!

The Conscious Cleanse gives you a simple, no-nonsense program that eliminates harmful foods, flushes toxins from your body, and kick-starts weight loss. The result is lifelong freedom from aches and illness, a renewed vibrancy, and more energy than you've ever known. Take it from the experts! Jo Schaalman and Jules Pelaez have been helping thousands of people achieve real results over the last decade with this life-changing program.

Change your life in just 14 days and chart a path just for you with recipes for any appetite. This invigorating plan includes recipes for beverages, breakfasts, salads, soups, grain dishes, meat dishes, and even snacks and appetizers!

In this revised edition, you'll find:
- A practical approach to a 14-day diet reset
- The tools to practice mindful eating and eliminate problem foods
- A guide to a new and improved 80:20 plan
- Over 100 delicious, clean recipes for any eater

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