The Complete Guide to Sleep Care - Kiki Ely

The Complete Guide to Sleep Care - Kiki Ely

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The Complete Guide to Sleep Care features 75 accessible methods to improve your sleep that will make you feel refreshed and ready to face the world.

Scientific studies have shown that getting good sleep improves every area of our lives, giving us more energy, increased cognitive function, and better moods all day long. This book will help you understand the importance of sleep, overcome stressful experiences, conquer negative emotions, develop positive thinking, and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Learning about insomnia, including common types and primary causes, will help you zero in on the areas in your life that need work, and a daily sleep log will help you discover your sleep patterns and troubleshoot your sleep issues.

To foster better sleep hygiene, the 75 effective, field-tested strategies include: eating better by avoiding caffeine after lunch and by chomping on cherries, which contain the sleep hormone melatoninavoiding nighttime workoutssticking to a consistent bedtime routine even on weekendskeeping your bed or bedroom cool, which signals your body to slow downmindful meditation to lower your blood pressure and decrease your stress hormonessetting a bedtime alarmbanishing screens in bed (no TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone)and more These simple, achievable life hacks will help you create regular, restful self-care, and you'll get out of bed feeling your best in no time.

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