The Butcher's Table: Techniques and Recipes to Make the Most of Your Meat - Allie D'Andrea

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Learn how to break down fowl, pig/hog, and venison with Allie D'Andrea (OutdoorsAllie)—then cook your way through recipes featuring your fresh cuts. If you've been wondering which knives to buy, started to break down an animal but wanted more guidance, or are looking for recipes where meat is the star of the show, you'll find it in The Butcher's Table.

After a review of basics such as butchering tools and meat preparation, explore chapters organized by meat type: fowl, pig/hog, and venison. Each chapter begins with an illustrated step-by-step tutorial on breaking down the animal, followed by recipes for both the star and showstopper cuts as well as recipes for making the most of bones, fat, and ground meat:
Chicken (or other game bird):
Maple Roasted Chicken, Charred Garlic Parmesan Wings, Oven Roasted Mango Drumsticks, Fresh English Pea and Thigh Soup, All-Purpose Stock, Spicy Meatballs
Pork Butt Roast, Reverse Seared Pork Chops, Picnic Carnitas, Soy Glazed Country Style Ribs with Fresh Ginger, Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin with Peach Chutney, Oven Roasted Center Cut Pork Loin with Herb Sauce, Garlic Butter Boneless Pork Sirloin Steak, Fresh Shank End Ham with Molasses Glaze, Peppered Cured Bacon, Pork Hock Barbecue Beans, Blanched Bone Pork Stock, Rendered Leaf Lard
Coffee-Rubbed Venison Backstrap, Bone-in Shoulder Roast, Reverse Seared Rosemary French Rib Chop, Wild Mushroom Stuffed Butterflied Venison, Grilled Tenderloin with Horseradish Sauce, Roasted Eye of Round with Peppercorn Sauce, Sirloin Butt Stir Fry, Braised Venison Shanks, Roasted Venison Stock, Maple Breakfast Sausage, Root Beer Jerky

Stunning hunt photography and mouthwatering recipe photos provide ample inspiration as you go. From those with a quarter or half hog in their freezer to those bringing home a deer fresh from the hunt, everyone's welcome at the butchers table.



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