The Bench - Saskia Sarginson

The Bench - Saskia Sarginson

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"This book had me from page 1 and I loved every single page and just wanted one more chapter when I got to the end. Such a feel good book about life and love. The sort of book you want to read right now instead of listening to all the doom and gloom in the media.

It's a mash up of many of our Mystery Books to date and if I had have had an advance copy to read it would have easily been Mystery Book #10.  The minute it first arrived I knew I just had to take it home that night and start it straight away."  EMMA 

Perfect for fans of One Day and A Star is Born, this is a tragic love story spanning three decades that starts and ends on a bench, by the Richard & Judy bestselling author of The Twins.

It begins at the end.

It begins on a bench, on a heath, where a woman waits for a man.

Ten years ago, they made a pact:

On this bench, on this day, they will end a love affair that's spanned three decades, or start again.

They should never have met. They should never have fallen in love.

But they did, until a lie separated them for a lifetime.

Can they fix the mistake, forgive the lie, erase the years in-between?

Can what was lost ever truly be found?


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