The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa - Avis Acres

The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa - Avis Acres

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The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa, a bestselling classic children's book from the 1950s by New Zealand artist Avis Acres, is reissued by popular demand in a gorgeous hardback gift edition.

Follow the Pōhutukawa babies as they set out on canoe adventure and make many forest friends along the way in this gem of a story from 1955.

In an old pōhutukawa tree between the forest and the sea live two tiny Pōhutukawa Babies, Hutu and Kawa.
With the help of Grandpa Kiwi, Hutu and Kawa build a canoe and set off up the river to explore the forest. On their way they make many new friends — and encounter the fearsome Bush Hawk.

During the 1950s children enjoyed the adventures of the Pōhutukawa Babies in the New Zealand Herald each week, and Avis Acres' books, with beautiful watercolour illustrations showcasing native flora and wildlife, became bestsellers.

The Adventures of Hutu and Kawa is the first tale in the classic series. This hardback edition captures all the charm of the original tale and brings these delightful characters to a new generation of children.


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