Sylvanian Families: Sticker Dress-Up Christmas

Sylvanian Families: Sticker Dress-Up Christmas

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Christmastime is here! Get ready for the festive season with Sylvanian Families in this sticker dress-up book, packed with over 300 stickers and all your favourite characters.

Join Freya the Chocolate Rabbit and her friends as they get ready for Christmas in Sylvanian Village. Sticker woolly hats and scarves for them to wear in the snow, decorate the Red Roof Country Home with lights and baubles, and then sticker costumes for the babies to wear in their Christmas parade in Sylvanian Land! At the back of the book, find a festive Christmas card craft to make and give to friends and family.

With over 300 stickers to bring the world of Sylvania to life, Sticker Dress-Up: Christmas has everything you need to create the perfect Christmas!

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