Strange Sally Diamond - Liz Nugent

Strange Sally Diamond - Liz Nugent

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The past can never be fully forgotten in this exhilarating new novel from the author of Our Little Cruelties

Sally Diamond cannot understand why what she did was so strange.  She was only doing what her father told her to do, to put him out with the rubbish when he died.

Now Sally is the centre of attention, not only from the hungry media and worried police, but also a sinister voice from a past of which she has no memory.  As she begins to discover the horrors of her childhood, recluse Sally steps into the world for the first time, making new friends, finding independence, and learning that people don't always mean what they say.

But when messages start arriving from a stranger who knows far more about her past than she knows herself, Sally's life will be thrown into chaos once again . . .


It creeped me out (in a good way).  Think Room and The Collector but add a dazzling/unique main character and encroaching dread.  Terrific


I loved every damn second of it


Liz Nugent has outdone herself.  Twisted and twisty, dark and gripping, no one is going to forget Sally Diamond in a hurry!


Liz Nugent dares to go where many won't.  What a compelling storyteller she is.  Always challenging.  I laughed out loud only to recoil from my laughter as the story unfolded.  For this is wickedly dark territory.  And yet amidst the darkness, she allows a light to glimmer - that of a diamond'


It's compassionate and challenging, letting us imagine the lives that are forgotten when the news cycle moves on . . . a very special book



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