Stoned: Photographs & treasures from life with the Rolling Stones - Jo Wood

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"These images are great and have been tucked away for years" Ronnie Wood

Married to the Stones' legendary guitarist Ronnie, Jo Wood was at the heart of all-night parties, hours in the recording studio, months on tour, time spent in prison, meeting famous friends and, above all, having a good time. But her unique personal collection shows more than just the world's biggest rock band at work. Photographs, notes and diary entries reveal a previously unseen, intimate side to a group of people who weren't rock stars to Jo - they were her closest friends.

Her book takes us from the chaotic days of the late 1970s - when the Stones could walk the streets of London after a night partying without being bothered by anyone - to the early days of the 2000s, when the band's tours had become corporate-sponsored events.

Jo's photographs and memories show what it was like to be on the inside of music history.



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