Spirit Conversations With Creative Women - Janine Wilkinson

Spirit Conversations With Creative Women - Janine Wilkinson

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Features the life stories and creative work of 34 NZ women creatives, including: Philippa Bentley, Tess Costil, Hannah Jensen, Kiri Nathan, Emily Adams, Claudia Pond Eyley, Indigo Rowe, Bernadette Casey, Flox, Louise James, Sofia Minson, Fiona Mackay, Anita May Blanchett, Debra Fallowfield, Fiona Hugues, Tina Hutchison-Thomas, Janette Cervin, Gypsy West, Vanessa Riddell, Julie Paama-Pengelly, Renee Dale, Louise Pilkington, Manja Wachsmuth, Holly Roach, Rebecca Asquith, Kate Hursthouse, Vicky Savage, Neke Moa, Jacqui Victor, Bets Gee, Julie Collis, Liz Smith, Susi Meares, Relda Frogley and Joanne Gray. 

A close-up view of each artist and their work outlining their life, work, and challenges to pursue a creative life.

Combines intimate photography with in-depth storytelling to provide inspiration to others wishing to follow their dreams. 

Support from The Rt. Hon Helen Clarke who has provided the Forward to the book.

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