Spark: Book 2 The Twitchers - M G Leonard

Spark: Book 2 The Twitchers - M G Leonard

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The brilliant M. G. Leonard is back with the second book in The Twitchers. With a rare vulture sighted in Briddvale and an animal hunter on the loose, it's time for The Twitchers to solve their first case!

When Jack discovers that someone in Briddvale is taking pot shots at local pets with a pellet gun, he is determined that The Twitchers will get to the bottom of it. But The Twitchers are more interested in the news that a rare and endangered bearded vulture has been spotted heading for Aves Wood. Determined to prove himself a detective, Jack sets off to investigate, only to find himself in deep water... Friendless and alone, Jack must use all his bravery and detective skills to not only stop a terrible crime, one that could put the bearded vulture in danger, but to prove to his friends that he's a deserving member of The Twitchers.



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