Six Days - Dani Atkins

Six Days - Dani Atkins

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Everybody knew they were soulmates. So why is she alone at the altar? It's every bride's worst nightmare, to be left standing at the altar. But that's what happens to Gemma on her wedding day.

Her fiance Finn isn't there when she arrives at the church. Everyone thinks Gemma has been jilted. Snippets of gossip circulate among their guests. They'd seemed like the perfect couple. They were so ideally matched. It just shows, you never can tell, can you? But Gemma is certain Finn would never have done this to her. So where is he?

In the days after what should have been their wedding, Gemma frantically searches for Finn. Meanwhile her family and friends believe there must have been clues she has missed, but each milestone memory from their past that Gemma examines just convinces her there is more to Finn's disappearance than a groom who has simply changed his mind.

Could Finn's past once again have sabotaged his future? How long should you keep searching for someone you love, if they don't want to be found?


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