Sherlocked! The official escape room puzzle book - Tom Ue

Sherlocked! The official escape room puzzle book - Tom Ue

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Solve puzzles, choose your path and solve the mystery in this official Sherlock puzzle book!

Step into the shoes of the world's favourite detectives and help Holmes and Watson solve a kidnapping case while systematically becoming trapped in a series of locked rooms themselves. This unique puzzle book emulates the experience of working your way out of an escape room. These have become a popular pastime with puzzlers of all ages, with an estimated 10,000 escape rooms worldwide.

The mysteries of the case reveal themselves as you solve logic puzzles, unravel riddles, crack codes, unlock doors and discover secrets. With decisions to make along the way, and four possible endings, you are sure to get lost in this intricate and mysterious tale - but hopefully not forever.

With puzzles created by the Escape Room Guys - expert escape room consultants based in the US - and an intriguing story written by professor Tom Ue, this official Sherlock Holmes book is the perfect gift for puzzlers, escape room enthusiasts or Holmes fans.

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