Saffron Swirls & Cardamom Dust - Ashia Ismail-Singer

Saffron Swirls & Cardamom Dust - Ashia Ismail-Singer

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East meets West in this unique cookbook of exquisite desserts and baking, representing all the culinary traditions of the world. Each recipe is infused with spices taking these sweet treats to another level. 

Saffron Swirls and Cardamom Dust features recipes to suit any occasion, from comfort baking to more elaborate treats; from the quick and easy, to some slightly more complex. The hint of spice balances the sweetness, guaranteed to delight and impress. 

Saffron Swirls and Cardamom Dust is organised into seasonal chapters, taking advantage of fresh ingredients when they are readily available and pairing them with complementary spices. Autumn desserts combine ginger, cardamom and star anise with baked apples and pears. Summer inspires cinnamon, vanilla and saffron matched with summer berries and stone fruits to make luscious light ice creams and cakes. Try the pistachio and almond cake or spicy hot chocolate for a mid-winter indulgence: and emerge from hibernation into spring with pistachio and lavender eclairs or spiced banana cakes.

Also featured throughout are gluten free and dairy-free options like the refreshing Spring dessert berry, basil seed and lemon sorbet, or the Winter warming gluten-free sticky date pudding with caramel sauce. 

About the Author

Ashia says, ‘My recipes tell a story, my story, one that I love sharing. I am of Indian heritage, but I was born in Malawi, Africa. Political instability caused my family to move to the UK when I was in my teens and then later, I moved to this amazing country New Zealand. My passion is food and I love sharing my love of cooking and writing and especially my style of cooking, which blends East and West and all the countries I have lived in.’ 

Prior to publishing her first cookbook My Indian Kitchen, Ashia regularly contributed to the food pages of New Zealand House & Garden magazine.  

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