Ripe Recipes : A Fresh Batch (Book 2) - Angela Redfern

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Following the success of their 2010 collection Ripe Recipes, the good people at Ripe Deli have whipped up a fresh batch of recipes you can make at home.  This time it's more about health but not at the expense of taste! Ripe Recipes - A Fresh Batch is a cornucopia of delicious recipes, bursting with flavour and goodness - plus some purely decadent treats just for fun!

The second cookbook from the chefs at Auckland's famous Ripe Deli.

Following the success of Ripe Recipes, which sold over 10 000 copies in New Zealand and continues to receive acclaim.  A Fresh Batch of over 140 recipes, from healthy to decadent, all bursting with flavour and texture.  An array of recipes that include ingredients that are beneficial to your everyday health but not at the expense of taste. Feel the love of the Ripe Deli community through the themed sections including Mexican Day, Pie Day and Cheesecake Day.

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