Red Warning - Matthew Quirk

Red Warning - Matthew Quirk

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A CIA agent hunts an old foe in this gripping new international thriller from Matthew Quirk.

Deadly enemies, dangerous games... CIA agent Sam Hudson has been hunting Konstantin, a Russian deep cover operative responsible for numerous murders on US and UK soil, for years - and he's finally picked up the trail in Geneva. But just as Sam is about to get vital intelligence, his source is ambushed, and he barely makes it out alive. Back in the States, the higher-ups want him to drop his obsession with Konstantin, but Sam can't let a man who's killed so many slip away again.

When a mysterious caller taunts him right before an attack in D.C., Sam realizes Konstantin has followed him to the US. Teaming up with fellow CIA agent Emily Pierce, Sam sets out to find the killer. But every way he turns there are obstacles, and he begins to wonder if Konstantin has someone helping him on the inside. With the threat looming ever larger, Sam must use all his training and nerve to bring Konstantin down - before Konstantin brings down the nation's capital.

Reviews for Matthew Quirk:

'Quirk has earned his spot in the front ranks of thriller writers' David Baldacci

'Breathless stay-up-late suspense' Lee Child

'Quirk is making a name for himself as a thriller writer to watch' Daily Mail




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