Rakiura: The Wild Landscapes of Stewart Island - Rob Brown

Rakiura: The Wild Landscapes of Stewart Island - Rob Brown

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Stewart Island/Rakiura is one of our special places, an island that is increasingly cherished by New Zealanders, whose appreciation for its wild character has flourished in recent years.

This has inspired the revising of ‘Rakiura’, the work of leading landscape photographer Rob Brown, which was first published in 2006. Critically acclaimed at the time, his original large-format photographs remain as powerful as ever, while more recent photographs have also been added. These include images of the remote granite peaks around the southern harbour of Port Pegasus, the huge sweep of sand dunes behind Mason Bay out to the west, the cliffs and islands of the rugged coast, and interior vistas of the island’s primeval podocarp and windswept manuka forest.

‘Rakiura’ also includes an updated, and newly illustrated introduction, which covers the natural and human history of the island, and the inspiring efforts to restore the island’s wildlife. This book is a stunning momento for visitors to ‘Rakiura’, but also for those who are simply comforted by the knowledge that such a place exists.



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