Rainbow of Emotions - Elena Ulyeva

Rainbow of Emotions - Elena Ulyeva

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From an emotional intelligence expert comes Rainbow of Emotions, an engaging and entertaining, full-color board book about understanding and accepting your emotions.

Iggy the multicolored chameleon turns different colors depending on his emotions. While visiting the animals in the jungle, he turns different colors as he feels angry, ashamed, shy, sad, and more. He sets out to find someone who looks like him, and when he meets a yellow chick, he feels happy! But then he discovers that Little Chick likes to eat worms, and that makes Iggy feel angry—and he turns red. So Iggy sets off to find a friend who is red. At the conclusion of his adventures, Iggy learns that it's important to be himself, and that it's okay to feel the strong emotions that he feels.

- This board book, which features full-color artwork, helps children develop their emotional intelligence by introducing them to different scenarios that generate a variety of responses and emotions.
- It also provides an opportunity for parents or caregivers to explain how to cope with a variety of feelings.
- Children will relate to the adorable animal characters and pick up on the valuable lessons the chameleon learns. And perhaps most importantly, young readers will learn just how important it is to be themselves!


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