Quotes From Goats - Dan Monteiro

Quotes From Goats - Dan Monteiro

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 None of us can know for sure what goats are thinking, but if we consider their lifestyle and behaviour, we can easily imagine how they’d speak their truth.

Inside you’ll find goats of every personality and breed with one common goal: to tell you how to live a bolder, more fulfilling, more goat-like life. Whether it’s advice to climb every mountain or express your inner kid, you’ll find meaning and purpose on every page.

Goat-obsessed and goat-curious readers alike will appreciate this wildly inspiring, moving, and offbeat collection of bovine-minded quotes from nature’s furriest philosophers.

About the Author

Dan Monteiro is a Brazil-based travel writer who grew up raising Alpine goats. He's now busy raising three daughters and enjoys sharing his love of animals with them.