Present, Not Perfect for Moms - Aimee Chase

Present, Not Perfect for Moms - Aimee Chase

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The creative cure for every mom

Take a mindful break from the pressures of parenting and notice the everyday miracles that abound with Aimee Chase's Present, Not Perfect for Moms. This personal creativity journal invites you to make peace with imperfection and embrace the beautiful, wild, heart-soaring adventure of parenthood like never before.

Whether it’s pausing to breathe more deeply, being more present in the moment with your child, or adding satisfying rituals to an otherwise chaotic day, you’ll find lots of ways to celebrate what truly matters and let go of what doesn’t.

-More than 120 pages of mindful prompts, inspiring quotes, and creative exercises for moms
-Daily reminders to celebrate your strengths and successes as a parent
-Positivity and encouragement on even the most challenging days
-Love your perfectly imperfect life with all you’ve got!



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