Planes! (and Other Things that Fly) - Bryony Davies

Planes! (and Other Things that Fly) - Bryony Davies

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Perfect for introducing young plane enthusiasts to a huge variety of exciting aircraft from around the world! Includes busy scenes with lots to explore, large cut-away images and spreads filled with aircraft.

Take to the skies with this fun, visual miscellany for children who love anything aircraft related! Each double-page spread features a different group of aircraft to explore, such as helpful helicopters, record-breaking planes and soaring spacecraft. Discover some of the more surprising things to have flown - including flying cars and jet packs. Readers can also learn how planes fly, and pretend to be a pilot as they look at a cockpit from a pilot's eye view.

Filled with hundreds of different planes, balloons, rockets and other aircraft from around the world, even the most avid young flying fanatic will discover new machines they haven't seen before!


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