Outcast - Chris Ryan

Outcast - Chris Ryan

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The brand new standalone thriller from SAS legend and bestselling author Chris Ryan.

In Burkina Faso, SAS Warrant Officer and Regiment misfit Jamie 'Geordie' Carver is seeing out the last days of his career on a dead-end training job. Never a team player, Carver is paying the price for earning the lifelong enmity of his jealous Whitehall superiors. So when he's recalled to Hereford after helping to thwart a deadly terrorist attack at a luxury hotel, Carver expects another stern dressing down from the top brass. Instead, he's entrusted with a highly sensitive and dangerous assignment.

Celebrated British reporter Rebecca Pugh has been snatched from the streets of Tehran. Her captors are refusing to negotiate and will only release their hostage in exchange for a missing Iranian general. Omid Hardani, a charismatic figure with a messianic complex, is believed to have taken refuge in Afghanistan after a failed assassination attempt. Now he's hiding in the remote wilderness, surrounded by his loyal protectors, untouchable.

Carver must lead a team on a deadly mission to capture Hardani before the kidnappers' deadline expires. Hunted at every turn, in a lawless country in the grip of the resurgent Taliban, Carver will need all of his fighting skills and instincts to stay alive. But soon, he begins to realise that the real enemy may be closer to home than he thinks...


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