Operation Jihadi Bride - JohnCarney

Operation Jihadi Bride - JohnCarney

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My Covert Mission to Rescue Young Women from ISIS - The Incredible True Story


A thrilling and highly newsworthy military adventure in the burning rubble of Islamic State.

'Jihad isn't a war. It's an objective. An aberration. If there are young women with children, lost boys... If they are trapped in that hell and we can get them out, don't we have a duty to do so? Every person we can bring back is living proof that Islamic State is a failure.'

Ex-British Army Soldier, John Carney, ran a close protection operation in Iraq for oil executives when he was asked by the family of a young Dutch woman to extract her from the collapsing 'Islamic State' in Syria. Hearing first-hand of the shocking living hell of tricked naive young girls, many from the West, trapped, sexually abused and enslaved by ISIS, he knew only one thing - he had to get them out.

This is the incredible true story of how - armed with AK-47s and 9mm Glocks - he launched a daring, dangerous and deadly operation to free as many as he could. From 2016 to 2019, Carney led his small band of committed Kurdish freedom fighters into the heart of the Syrian lead storm.

Backed by humanitarian NGOs, and feeding intel to MI6, Carney and his men went behind enemy lines, risking their lives to deliver the women and their children to the authorities, to de-radicalisation programmes and fair trials.
For Carney, a born soldier, the women's terrifying stories moved him into action as he and his men risked their lives daily, not always making it safely home...

Gripping, shocking and thought-provoking, OPERATION JIHADI BRIDE takes the complex issue of the Jihadi brides head on - an essential read for our troubled times.