Number Shocker - Clive Gifford

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A fun and fascinating book for children aged 6+ who love facts about science, technology, animals, sports, the human body and the environment

See the world like never before and surprise yourself, your family and friends with astounding facts on a wide range of hot topics and favourite subjects.

Did you know . . .

There’s more bacteria in your mouth than on a toilet seat!

As many as 70 chemical elements make up a smartphone but only 6 elements make up 99% of your body!

If you squeezed all of Earth’s history into 12 months, humans only turned up 36 minutes before the end of the year!

Over 1 MILLION plastic bottles are bought every minute, but fewer than one in ten bottles are recycled!

Featuring bold illustrations, each turn of the page is a poster-worthy explosion of colours, making NUMBER SHOCKER the perfect gift for children with a thirst for knowledge about the world.


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