Miss Graham's Cold War Cookbook - Celia Rees

Miss Graham's Cold War Cookbook - Celia Rees

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Germany, 1946 A reluctant spy is born... Edith Graham has always flown under the radar. Working for years as a teacher in a girls' school, she had a quiet war, sequestered away in the English countryside. But beneath her quiet exterior lies the heart of an adventurer.

When a family friend asks her to interview for a position in the war office, Edith has no idea she is being recruited for something more, but leaps at the chance to do her bit. Sent to Germany under the perfect cover story, she is soon sending crucial intelligence back to Britain under the innocuous guise of recipes collected for friends.

But not everyone is convinced that Edith is simply a teacher, and the closer she gets to uncovering an underground Nazi network, the greater the danger she faces in a world where no one is quite what they seem to be...






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