Misfits in the Wild - Melissa Stewart

Misfits in the Wild - Melissa Stewart

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Everyone admires animals that are big and fast and strong. But this book isn't about them. Misfits in the Wild is about the unsung underdogs of the animal world that normally barely get a mention!

Written in a humorous, conversational voice, this book looks at a parade of critters that are small, slow, stinky, lazy, clumsy, shy, and more. These traits might seem like weaknesses, but they're actually super-powers that help these animals survive in an eat-or-be-eaten world.

After reading this book, you might think twice before making quick judgments about the animals around us.

MISFITS IN THE WILD shows that it's not always the strongest, fastest or tallest that are the most remarkable but the real heroes are the ones that do the most with what they've got.





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