Midnight - Amy McCulloch

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When the sun never sets, there's no place to hide: a gripping new thriller from the internationally bestselling author of Breathless

Olivia needs to get out of London in a hurry. Where could be a better escape than the opposite side of the globe, on a sightseeing cruise to Antarctica, including a stay on the icy continent itself?

At first, it's everything she dreamed of. Majestic icebergs, tantalising glimpses of polar bears, and all under the eerie splendour of a sun that never sets. It's so spectacular, she can swallow her unease at the eccentric behaviour of some of her fellow passengers.

It's not until their first night camping on the peninsula that things start to go wrong. A storm hits, and the boat has a problem, leaving them cut off.

And then they find the first body. And Olivia realises she doesn't know which is more frightening - the most dangerous environment on earth, or the killer hiding in plain sight, waiting to strike again...



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