Meredith, Alone - Claire Alexander

Meredith, Alone - Claire Alexander

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All that stands between Meredith Maggs and the world is her own front door . . .

Meredith Maggs hasn't left her house in 1,214 days. But she insists she isn't alone . . .

She has her cat Fred.  Her friend Sadie visits when she can.  There's her online support group, StrengthInNumbers.  She has her jigsaws, favourite recipes, her beloved Emily Dickinson, the internet, the Tesco delivery man and her treacherous memories for company.

But something's about to change.

First, new friends Tom & Celeste burst into her life, followed by an estranged sister she hasn't spoken to in years, and suddenly her carefully curated home is no longer a safe place to hide. 

Whether Meredith likes it or not, the world is coming to her door . . . Does she have the courage to overcome what's been keeping her inside all this time?


Praise for Meredith, Alone

Meredith, Alone is beautiful, moving and unexpectedly timely and this time next summer everyone is going to know Claire Alexander's name.  It's such a pleasure to spend time in Meredith's world

Daisy Buchanan

Gorgeous. I shed tears. Very, very touching, sweet and hopeful

Marian Keyes

I laughed, I cried, and I bowed down to the brilliant author of this brilliant book

Gillian McAllister, bestselling author of That Night

A gorgeous, charming novel . . . Sweet, moving, funny and hopeful, with a courageous heroine who sweeps you up in her story

Jennifer Saint, Sunday Timesbestselling author of Ariadne

I loved Meredith, Alone so much! Touching and funny and sad and hopeful. I have a Meredith shaped hole in my life now I've finished it

Jane Fallon, bestselling author of Worst Idea Ever

A beautiful unfolding of a character I was not ready to let go of at the end of this book. Meredith's story is a raw and poignant reflection of what it means to rebuild a life after trauma

Dr Julie Smith, bestselling author of Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before

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