Lucy and the Dark - Melinda Szymanik & Vasanti Unka

Lucy and the Dark - Melinda Szymanik & Vasanti Unka

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When Lucy makes friends with the Dark she discovers a new and exciting world - but the world is about to discover what it's like without the Dark! A funny and enjoyable bedtime story with a glow-in-the dark cover to encourage lights out!

From an award-winning author and illustrator comes this delightful story about a child who faces her fears and makes friends with the Dark. They go on a wild nocturnal adventure together - but what happens to everyone else when the Dark has run away?
‘I’m Dark,’ said the voice. ‘It’s all right if you don’t like me. Nobody does. Everyone is too afraid. Just close your eyes and by morning I’ll be gone.’
Dark heaved a sigh.

One night, Lucy befriends the Dark and zooms away with it on an adventure to explore all the wonderful things that happen when the Dark is around. But back home, everyone else is discovering that they really do miss the Dark after all. Can Lucy and Dark be convinced to return?

From the creators of My Elephant is Blue comes this gorgeous, funny story about why we should ALL make friends with the Dark. It even has a surprise at lights out in the form of a glow-in-the-dark cover!






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