Lost Property - Helen Paris

Lost Property - Helen Paris

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Lost Property is a poignant, funny and heart-warming debut novel from an exciting new voice in fiction. For fans of The Keeper of Lost Things and Something to Live For, readers won’t just be taking Helen Paris’s heroine Dot Watson home with them, they’ll be taking her to their hearts too.

Dot Watson works at the Transport for London Lost Property Office. Every day, she diligently catalogues the objects found on buses, tubes and trains. She's the custodian of hundreds of black umbrellas, a surprising number of shoes and one mid-century sofa.

When Mr Appleby comes in looking for a lost bag, something in the way he holds himself catches Dot off-guard. His late wife's purse was in the holdall, it was empty but he liked to keep it near. By the time the bag is handed in, the old man's details are no longer on file but Dot can't let it go. Determined to reunite Mr Appleby with his wife's purse, she examines the bag, gathers her clues and sets off to find him.

Because it is not only the objects in her care that are lost, Dot is lost too. Ten years ago, her life veered unexpectedly off course and she has never quite recovered. She knows a thing or two about loss and it's possible, though she doesn't yet know it, that in helping Mr Appleby, she might be helping herself too.


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