Lonely Planet's Guide to Death, Grief and Rebirth

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This illuminating book reveals how cultures and communities around the world grieve their loved ones - with lessons we can all learn from to help us all live (and die) well.

Divided into four key chapters: Celebrating, Commemorating, Mourning, and Offering, readers will discover resting places, burials, rituals, and symbols that have been associated with death throughout time.

Lonely Planet's Guide to Death, Grief and Rebirth

Over 35 incredible customs from cultures and communities across the planet that explore our beliefs and traditions surrounding death, grief, and rebirth
Special in-depth featuresexamine elements of death in greater detail including: festivals and celebrations; remarkable catacombs; symbols of death and rebirth; the world's most impressive tombs
Insightful first-person accounts and essays from locals discussing their relationship and experiences with death
Vibrant illustrations and photography explain the customs and rituals in a gracious manner
Themes and events featured within the book: Jazz funerals (New Orleans); Turning of the bones (Madagascar); Burial beads (South Korea); Fantasy coffins (Ghana); Lakota soul keepers (USA); Islamic funeral customs; death wailing; the people paid to weep; Swedish death cleaning; Green burials; and more

Lonely Planet's Guide to Death, Grief and Rebirth is the ultimate self-purchase, or gift, for anyone looking to gain a fresh perspective into the ways we process death as a society and as individuals.


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