Lily's Promise - Lily Ebert

Lily's Promise - Lily Ebert

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In 1944, Lilly Ebert and her family stepped off a train at Auschwitz. Hungarian Jews, they had spent days cooped up in cattle trucks and for a few seconds the sunshine seemed glorious. Then Lilly's mother and her little brother and sister were sent off to the left to their deaths. Lilly and her two other sisters were sent to the right and survived.

From Auschwitz she and her sisters were sent to a munitions factory in Germany to work as slave labour, and then were sent on a death march which they survived when the Allied army overtook them. From there she went to Switzerland, then Israel before arriving in London in the 1960s.

Today, Lilly struggles to describe Auschwitz as anything other than hell on earth, a factory of death. If new inmates didn't arrive to fill the gas chambers then prisoners would be selected at daily roll calls. She and her sisters vowed to survive to tell the world what was happening.



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