Journey: An Illustrated History of the World's Greatest Travels - DK

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An enthralling visual history of travel, from the earliest migrations to the dawn of space tourism

Experience the excitement and romance of travel in this gloriously illustrated book.

Throughout history, people have set forth into the wild for many reasons, in search of food and new places to live; on pilgrimages; in pursuit of new lands to conquer, trade deals, or gold; to discover the world; or
simply in the quest for adventure.

Journey is a beautifully illustrated account of these inspiring stories of human endeavour - from the first trade networks in ancient Sumer to the Crusades, the Grand Tour, and the Voyager missions in outer space.
It traces each journey with the aid of gripping eyewitness accounts and provides biographies of pioneering travellers, intrepid explorers, and cruel conquerors. It tells thrilling stories of scientific discovery, and highlights pivotal moments in history, religion, science, and geography. It also shows the technological innovations in railways, ships, cars, and aviation that made such journeys possible.

Beautifully illustrated with archive maps, historic paintings, evocative photographs, and entries from literary journals and naturalists' handbooks, Journey is a fascinating read for every armchair traveller.



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