Jack & Sandy - Bob Kerr

Jack & Sandy - Bob Kerr

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New Zealand, 2001: Jack and his best mate Eddie have finished high school, but before they make any decisions about their future, they are embarking on a week-long kayaking adventure.
Unbeknown to Jack’s father, this trip includes a mission to meet Jack’s long-estranged Grandfather, Sandy.

Scotland, 1931: Sandy and his best mate Billy have limited prospects in their shipbuilding town. They both become merchant seamen. When World War II breaks out, Sandy finds himself on a dangerous convoy to the besieged island of Malta. This fateful voyage has long-lasting ramifications for his family and future.

Jack & Sandy is an adventure story told across three generations – a story about friendship, family and the devastating effects of war. Written and illustrated with graphic novel sections by Bob Kerr, the award-winning illustrator of Terry Teo.



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