Invincible - WJ Moloney

Invincible - WJ Moloney

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Invincible is the story of an unknown New Zealand hero.

This is the incredible story of one man’s journey through a world war and then onto worldwide sporting glory. It is a story of friendship, redemption and hope. Of luck and guts, loneliness and terror, kindness and salvation, sportsmanship, resurrection and healing.

Son White signs up to fight in WWI with Ben, his horse, dreaming of adventure. In three years of fighting, from Egypt, to Gallipoli and finally in France, Son experiences little adventure and none of the romance of war. He finds himself to be a small cog in an industrialized war. He returns home, broken, alone, and without hope, to a country in the midst of a pandemic. But this is not the end for Son. It is only half time in Son’s story. Son embarks on another journey, another adventure, with another group of young New Zealanders who, by binding together, are destined to become Invincible.

About the author:

W J Moloney lives in Tahunanui with his wife Sophie, three sons and Jake the dog. William has a MA in War Studies and worked in related industries for more than a decade. Invincible took more than five years to research and write. It came about after a friend told him about the extraordinary, and unknown, story of Son White. W J’s first book, The Battle of Messines Road, was published in 2015 and is based on his grandfather’s WWI diaries. In 2020, W J participated in a wide-ranging discussion with author Ian Trafford at the Nelson Arts Festival on their Grandfathers’ WWI experiences and the inter-generational effects that the war had on their families.


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