In the Car Activity Book - Steve Martin

In the Car Activity Book - Steve Martin

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Perfect for plane or boat trips too!

A fun-packed activity book filled with cars, buses, lorries, monster trucks, and so much more.

This book is bursting with puzzles, quizzes and drawing activities. All you need to complete the activities are a pen and some colouring pencils, so it's perfect for on-the-go - you can travel with it anywhere!

There are almost 40 original activities to be completed inside, including:

Design a poster for a monster truck rally
Complete a colour-by-numbers
Sketch a super-cool sports car
Play spot-the-difference in a mechanic's garage
Solve a lorry park sudoku
Find the way home in a road maze

The perfect companion for a long and short journeys and road trip holidays, this book will keep you busy for hours! In the Car Activity Book is a fun gift for all young readers who love cars and vehicles.

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