In A New York Minute - Kate Spencer

In A New York Minute - Kate Spencer

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Their love story has gone viral. But it hasn’t even begun . . .

Franny meets Hayes in the opposite of a meet-cute – when her dress gets caught in the subway doors on her way home and then rips, leaving her in the fashion equivalent of a hospital gown. Hayes is the stuffy suit whose one redeeming quality is giving Franny his jacket, saving her from showing her assets to half of New York. Franny is eager to forget the whole horribly embarrassing encounter as soon as possible, but neither of them anticipated a fellow commuter live-blogging them as #subwaybaes – turning their awkward run-in into click-bait and a manufactured love story for the ages . . .

Quick to dismiss Hayes as just another a rich guy, Franny is sure she’ll never see him again, and she’s desperate to put her three minutes of viral fame behind her. But fate isn’t done with the would-be subway sweethearts just yet . . .

A love letter to romance, friendship and the Big Apple, Kate Spencer's In a New York Minute is a fresh, modern take on romantic comedy for fans of The Flat Share, Our Stop and One Day in December.


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