IMA Cuisine An Israeli Mother's Kitchen - Yael Shochat

IMA Cuisine An Israeli Mother's Kitchen - Yael Shochat

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An Israeli mother - and restaurateur - shares her love of food from the eastern Mediterranean and beyond with a range of delicious recipes from her kitchen.

Middle Eastern food is on a roll among New Zealand readers and diners. Cookery writers such as the Israeli chef and cookery writer Yotam Ottolenghi have surged into the popular cooking consciousness.

It’s not hard to see why. Food from the Middle East and around the Mediterranean Sea — whether from North Africa or from Turkey, from Iran or Israel — is colourful, unpretentious, intriguing and (for the most part) relatively easy to prepare. Many of the best dishes are naturally low in fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt.

Now a celebrated Auckland personality and restaurateur is offering a galaxy of recipes with locally sourced ingredients.