I'm More Than A Sheep - Bethany Christou

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A young sheep embaaaarks on a hilarious farmyard odyssey to discover her identity.

Mildred is a sheep, and she's not too happy about it.  The herding is boring, the food is repetitive, and the shearing is frankly embarrassing.  So when she ventures out to the edge of the field and discovers the wonderful variety of animals living around the farm, she sets off on a messy misadventure to see what else is out there.

Can she run like the wind with the horses, or soar through the clouds with the birds, or learn from the hens how to...force out an egg? 

She might even learn a lesson from the classiest animal around, when her antics draw the attention of the elegant and wily Ms Wolf, who just can't wait to have Mildred over for dinner.

A funny picture book with a host of familiar animals.


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