Iconic: the Masters Of Italian Fashion  1000-Piece Puzzle

Iconic: the Masters Of Italian Fashion 1000-Piece Puzzle

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Bring the best Italian fashion looks to life with the Iconic: 1000-Piece Puzzle. The Iconic: 1000-Piece Puzzle puzzle is a lavish celebration of Italian fashion?s most dramatic looks, from internationally renowned fashion illustrator Megan Hess.
For centuries, Italian fashion has been known for its craftsmanship and luxury, but also for its creativity and, most of all, its passion. Lace, leopard print and show-stopping red dresses ? the masters of Italian fashion know how to make a statement. Now you too can absorb yourself in the world of Italian fashion with this bold puzzle.
Recommended for ages 10 and up, the Iconic: 1000-Piece Puzzle takes 3 to 10 hours to complete.
Completed puzzle measures 685 x 480 mm.





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