How to Paint Transparent Watercolour Flowers - Olga Koelsch

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Learn how to create 6 delicate, see-through flowers in watercolor with the immensely popular artist, botanical illustrator, and pattern designer.

Renowned YouTube and Instagram tutor, botanical watercolor artist and surface pattern designer, Olga Koelsch shares her techniques with beginners and advanced artists alike in achieving beautiful and unique watercolor creations.

In her debut book, Olga gently guides artists through the process of painting flowers that combine the accuracy of botanical illustration with the expression and freedom of modern watercolour. Here you’ll find:

  • A concise introduction with the key items you'll need to get started
  • Olga's most-used watercolor methods
  • 6 different stunning plant projects: magnolia, eucalyptus, bellflower, rose, peony, and iris
  • Clear photography and step-by-step instructions for every project
  • Traceable outlines at the back of the book for beginners needing help
  • Inspiration from Olga’s stunning collection for what to do with your finished artwork: cards, invitations, wall art, fabrics, and more

Whether you're looking to start painting flowers with a nod to botanical illustration, or to learn how to create beautiful flowers to adorn personal items, you'll be struck by the timeless and unique artwork that fills 
How to Paint Transparent Flowers.

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