How to Keep House While Drowning - KC Davis

How to Keep House While Drowning - KC Davis

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A gentle guide to cleaning and organising when you're overwhelmed, from a licensed therapist and TikTok sensation

This is a book for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life and is looking for an accessible and gentle way to care for their home - and themselves.

Have you ever looked at a pile of dishes in the sink and wanted to crawl back into bed? Or found yourself staring at the overflowing recycling bin thinking, Why is my life such a mess?
But what if we stopped seeing a clean house as a reflection of our worth and instead as a kindness to our future self?

How to Keep House While Drowning will introduce you to six life-changing principles to revolutionise the way you approach domestic work, all without a single to-do list. Most importantly, it will help you get free of shame and guide you in coping with stress... and that ever-mounting laundry pile.

This book will help you:
· Find ways to make your home serve you
· Break down domestic work into manageable tasks
· Stop negative self-talk around housework
· Give yourself permission to rest, even when things aren't finished



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