Horses of Iceland - Guadalupe Laiz

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This over sized book is the most stunning investment for your coffee table or library.

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With a unique gentle spirit, acute intelligence, a sturdy muscular build, and thick fur coats in a remarkable range of colors, the Icelandic horse is a special breed and beloved creature for the inhabitants of its native Iceland, and for horse lovers the world over.

Over a five-year period, Argentinian photographer Guadalupe Laiz undertook an extraordinary photographic project to capture and celebrate the pastoral beauty and pure grace of these magnificent horses in their natural habitat--the rugged, raw, and often otherworldly terrain of the country of Iceland. The Horses of Iceland is a stunning and vivid photography collection providing thrilling glimpses of the many types of Icelandic horses in the wild and in rare communal moments with man, taking the reader on a breathtaking visual journey and an inspirational experience.



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